Are you insured?
Absolutely! We're covered by a specialist insurance company, which covers us for all aspects of pet sitting.  This includes dog walking and pet minding, care, custody and control of animals, non-negligent cover, travel cost, financial loss and key cover.  You will be shown our insurance certificate during your consultation.
What about house keys?
We ask our clients to provide a spare set of keys during their free consultation visit.  We ask that you ensure that all keys work, are not stiff and that they're put on a labelled, strong and sturdy keyring so there's no risk of the keyring breaking.  All keys are stored in a safe when not in use, and our insurance includes key cover.  Once your booking is finished and you've let us know you've arrived home safely, we'll arrange for a convenient time to return your keys to you, usually within a couple of days. We will not post keys through your door after our last visit in case you become delayed and we need to return for extra visits.
How and when do we pay you?
We accept payments by cash or bank transfer.  Your balance is then due a week before we're due to start.  We have a cancellation policy which can be found in our terms and conditions, but we ask for a minimum of a week's notice for cancellations or changes. Regular doggy day care or walking clients pay at the start of each week or month, which ever you find easier.
Must my pets by up to date with their vaccinations and parasite treatments?
We do request that dogs, cats and rabbits are up to date with their vaccinations and all pets must be suitably treated and rid of parasites to protect them, the other animals in our care and not cause any disruptions to services.  For doggy day care and group walking, we will request a copy of your vaccination certificate to keep on file.
Do my pets need to be insured?
We highly recommend taking out an insurance policy as all owners are responsible for their pets' veterinary bills.
How much notice do I need to give to book?
For peak times (mainly school holidays) we appreciate as much notice as possible as some people book months in advance.  Outside of peak times we can often fit in home visits at very short notice should you experience an emergency and need us to cover.  For doggy day care and dog walking we have limited spaces available.  We do have to work on a first come, first served basis but we will try our best to accommodate you. 
What would happen in the event of an emergency?
Although very rare, it's important for us to have an emergency procedure in place.  If we have any emergencies we will make every effort to contact you, the owner, first of all.  If we can not get hold of you for whatever reason, we will contact your emergency contacts you gave to us at your consultation from your registration form.  We will of course take your pet straight to their own, or the nearest vet if your own is not local, if we are concerned about their health and welfare. All clients are responsible for their own veterinary bills and there may be a charge for any care they may require. 

Telephone: 07854 046787
Email: info@tinytreepetcare.co.uk